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Our Story

Sewing Workshop
young boy in hip cast sitting on a beanbag

This lovely boy in the photo is the inspiration and reason behind our Products and the namesake Picklefish, his nickname.  Years ago this beautiful young man came into our lives, and with it came all the drama that comes with a child who has special needs. 

Our boy has an unknown genetic condition but is officially labelled as Cerebral Palsy.  He has a motor disorder among his many other issues, but his main feature?  His AWESOME personality and outlook on life.  Our little ray of sunshine isn't your average kid, he has been through a bit, and it was in one of these 'moments' in his life that Picklefish Products NZ was born. He went into his second hip Spica and needed something to wear.  Back then we upcycled Mens T-Shirts into snap bottom Rompers that would fit over the cast.  It was those products that others asked if we would make to sell.  And that is what we did...but what to call the

business?  Well it was easy...


Name it after the child who inspires our products....PICKLEFISH himself.

That was back in 2013, and originally it was just on Facebook.  Flash Forward to today and early 2017 when the website was created.  Now lot of special kids inspire our products, their needs, their parents and carers, all of it joins together to create what you find within our product range.

However, we are parents of a Special wee guy, and he likes to keep us busy and on our toes.  So as we handmake these products, our production can be somewhat low, and slow! Full-Time care for Picklefish can take us away from production quite often, and as always his needs come first.  But don't panic! We always try to make sure your needs are met, so don't feel like you can't order.  We try to keep you up to date with what is happening and always make the effort!

Thanks for finding our Website and for choosing our products! Its our special kids that inspire us everyday! And they deserve to have the most special clothes a kid can have! 

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