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Moving Day!

Picklefish Products NZ is on the move to a new accessible house this month. For the past year we've been working on a new house to accommodate Picklefish's needs, with level entry doorways, wide halls, wet room bathroom with sliding door access to his bedroom. We tried to think of his needs for the future as he's about to hit 10 years old!

As well as his needs we factored in a space for the Picklefish Workshop so I can continue making great products.

The house is now finished and it's time to MOVE!

So we're closing for the move from the 14th till the 29th of July. During that time only current orders & in stock items will be available. Any orders taken during the above time will be delayed until after the 29th.


Keep watching for updates of the new Workshop on Facebook or here at The home of Picklefish Products NZ


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