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Sewing Tutorial - Making an easy Cowl Scarf

Updated: May 12, 2021

Today I thought I would share with you an easy sewing tutorial to make a Cowl Scarf or 'Snood' using OTY Fabric NZ Cotton Spandex in 220gsm. With all the beautiful prints OTY Fabrics have in both retail and their preorders there are endless choices to make these easy Scarves for yourself or the kids. These are a one size fits all design, they will just sit a bit higher on the neck on Adults than on children. With Autumn here and Winter fast approaching I figured this was an easy project you could whip up on a cold day for the kids (or yourself) to add to an outfit, use up that hidden stash (Come on, we know you have one ;-) ) or when you need a quick easy gift to give to friends. Maybe you have some beautiful fabric that you have been hoarding that you just don't know what to do with? Well how about you sew up these to show the fabric off easily? These are equally able to be done in Double Gauze (OTY Fabric have some gorgeous floral in Double Gauze available in retail right now) you just might find them a little less stretchy when pulling them over your head. Ok without further waffle lets head onto the tutorial...

What you'll need:

* 75cm wide by 50cm long piece of 220gsm Cotton Spandex (Mine is from OTY Fabric)

* Matching thread (or thread of your choice)

* An overlocker or standard sewing machine using a small zig zag stitch to sew up

* Wonder Clips or pins

* Scissors

* I recommend an iron too

How to Sew our Cowl:

Step One:

Cut out your Cotton Spandex 75cm wide by 50cm Long. Fold right side to right side along the

width. You should have a nice long tube. Clip or pin raw edges together. Sew seam using an overlocker or standard sewing machine using a small zig-zag stitch.

Step Two:

Turn tube right side out and with it facing you smooth down tube pulling the seam into the centre and aligning each side. At this point I recommend pressing with an iron to make sure it sits nice and flat. Fold one raw short end across to meet the other raw end. Clip or pin the seam end together.

Then pull the tube into itself so the right sides are meeting each other and you can again see the wrong side of the fabric. (This bit is really hard to explain sorry) you should have the two raw ends together with both raw edges meeting and the right side facing the right side.

Clip the raw edges together making a loop (not all edges together in 4 layers but 2 layers only - like a sleeve cuff). Mark a large gap for turning your tube right side out. I leave about 10-12cm.

Step Three:

I find it easier to stitch inside the clipped together loop rather than have the raw edges facing me. So with the raw edges clipped together and the first marker facing you start stitching the raw edges of the tube together until you reach the next marker. You should now have a stitched together tube with a small opening to pull it out through.

Step Four:

Pull Cowl Scarf right side out through the gap you left in previous steps. At this step you can choose to iron again if needed.

Step Five:

As I am lazy and want this done quickly I tuck the raw edges of the gap back inside the hole and clip them together an then using a small zig zag stitch on my sewing machine I sew the gap closed, catching in a care or brand tag in as I go. And you are done! Wasn't that nice and fast?

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Thanks for checking out my simple tutorial, if you find any issues or errors please comment and let me know!


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