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Wheelie Cape - Muted Navy Floral

Wheelie Cape - Muted Navy Floral


The perfect cover for cold wet days, made to fit over standard wheelchairs. The hood is large enough to fit over most head rests. Sleeves and leg cover are shaped away from the wheels to prevent rubbing or catching. The softshell is heavy enough to stay put in a stiff breeze. The warm fleece inner is good to keep them warm in wet cold weather or those cool trips in mobility vans on frosty mornings. You can tuck the shorter back between the seat and child or flap over the wheelchair handles to keep back of the chair dry. Flap can also be tucked down between the handles and is unlikely to flap over as the fabric is dense and heavy enough to stay where you put it.

  • Product Care

    Soft Shell is handwash only. Its best not to immerse in water but to dab with a damp clean cloth any dirt. Hang inside to dry.


    Don't use detergents with Soft Shell or you may effect the water resistant coating. Warm water can remove most grime.

  • Sizing information

    See picture for how measurements are measured.  Capes come in Small (age 3-9 years), Medium (6-10 years), Large (10-15 years) and XL (Youth - Adult Med).

    Drops are as follows:

    Small  - 72cm 

    Medium - 80cm 

    Large - 90cm

    XL - 110cm 

  • Product Information

    Features flat-felled seams for extra resistance to moisture, snaps at the edges to create 'arms', extra length to tuck over the knees of the wheelchair user and chunky zip with zipper pull at the neckline to ease pulling over the user. Softshell has a water resistant outer coating and a soft felted fleece inner to keep the user warm and wick moisture away. The weight of softshell makes the cape less likely to 'flap' in a breeze, ensuring the cape stays in place.