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Zip Front Shortie Romper

Zip Front Shortie Romper


Regular Fit Romper featuring zip front opening and zipper shield to protect the skin.  Legs and sleeves have long cuffs that can be folded back as the child grows.  Drop crotch so plenty of room.  Item is fairly loose fitting so if your child is prone to accessing the nappy via necklines, or tugging at the fabric to still access nappy you may need a different style.  If you have a child prone to  getting at their nappy this style may not be suitable.  If you have adaptions or concerns it might not work for your child, please get in touch, and we can assist you with getting the right Adaptivewear for you.  

Made from soft midweight knitted cotton fabric with heavyweight zipper and zipper pull.  


    Picklefish Shortie Rompers are great for kids who loved to get undressed or into things they shouldn't. We offer different variations of coverage depending on your childs needs. Each Romper is a different style so if you are unsure which of these rompers your child might need please feel free to contact us and discuss your needs so we can help you decide which is best.This romper features zip front with zipper shield and pull string. Short mid thigh legs that are close fitting and raglan shape tight fitting sleeves that fit upper arm. Neckline fits quite high as well. All these features are designed to keep hands out of where they shouldn't be and to make it harder for kids to try to pull the clothing off. Made from soft mid weight cotton knits with lots of stretch and memory, hard to tear or tug out of shape. Breathable cotton knits are made from excellent quality fabrics that will last quite awhile. These go through lots of washes and remain strong and soft with minimal seams to rub and annoy the skin.

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  • Returns Policy

    If for any reason these products have any flaws, such as snaps or zips failing, stitching coming undone or other issues we will refund and or replace as long as you contact us within a week of receiving these items and endeavour to return the items to us.