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The New Workshop Space


Well the move to the new house is all done and we are no longer buried under an avalanche of cardboard boxes and plastic barrels. Slowly but surely we put together the Picklefish Workshop and stacked the new IKEA Kallax shelving in the wardrobe with all the fabric goodies. You may spy in the photo a nice selection of knit fabrics that we have in stock.

So the Picklefish Workshop is now back in action and we're starting to churn out the orders and begin making more products for the webstore. If you are on our Facebook page you will have seen a few photos of our new Accessible house. We are very proud of the effort we put in to make the house suitable for Picklefish and his wheelchair as he gets older. He turned 10 years old the day after we moved in. Hes already racing about the place in his wheelchair investigating the place.

Lots more planned for the future now we have a dedicated space for all our production.


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